Arabian Knightz (Cairo)

Hailing from Cairo, the “Hollywood of the Middle East”, the Arabian Knightz are leading a movement for Arab unity within the Middle Eastern Hip Hop world. They have already collaborated with many of the leading artists from across the region, from other Egyptian rappers, such as MC Amin, to the Palestinian group DAM, to Canadian-Iraqi MC The Narcicyst, and Moroccan superstar Don Bigg. The Knightz have also produced tracks for American rap icons, from 50 Cent, to Snoop Dogg, to Wu-Tang, and been produced by legendary West Coast producer FredWreck Nassar. Drawing on a vast repertoire of popular Arabic music, with hard-hitting beats and catchy riffs, the Knightz have got a whole generation of young and middle-aged Arabs hooked on their unique Hip Hop style and are leading the charge for a global Arab Hip Hop takeover, spreading their unifying message: “Arabs, stand up!” Rapping in English and Arabic, the Knightz call, above all, for Arab unity and “proclaim their Muslim identity while demanding understanding among the regions and religions of the world”.

“Our main cause is to uplift the race of the Arab people. It’s not about money, it’s not about fame, it’s about getting the word out there to everyone, to all the youth, to listen to good music… [and] be affected in a positive way.” Pharo Hoss, Arabian Knightz.

What more can I say? Check this promo video for the Knightz’ 2007 album, “Arabs Stand Up”

In 2008, the Knightz stepped it up by bringing in up-and-coming director Hadi El Bagoury for a laid-back, spiritual R&B track “Ya Allah/To God”, from their album “United States of Arabia”.


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