Fishawy/The Pharoz (Cairo)

Ahmed El Fishawy is perhaps best known for his comedic roles in the smash-hit Ramadan TV serials “El-Amma Nour” and “Tamer Wi Shawkia”. In addition to being a famous actor, he is a also one third of the Egyptian rap trio, The Pharoz (aka. GettoPharoz), which he formed with his close friends Begad (Bego) and Kareem (K.O.B.) in 1996. With the latter 2 currently living in the US (DC and Miami, respectively), the group collaborates over the Internet on new songs and reunites semi-annually in their native Cairo. Their rhymes, blending English and Arabic, focus on political and social issues affecting Arabs throughout the globe.

“Let me live, my people scream” raps Ahmed Nishawy in this controversial video from The Pharoz, “Sebouny A3eesh/Let Me Live”. Even though he’s got a Beemer and an Escalade, dude still gets dusted by the desert sands and his partner gets locked up in a US detention center for lookin like a terrorist. “They live with animosity towards me cuz I’m possibly il-harbi (a terrorist)… when my only weapon is the pen used for my rhymes, commentating on our times.”

Here’s a fun promo video for Neshawy’s song from the film “Waraet Shafra/Secret Code”.

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