Omar Boflot/Y-Crew (Alexandria)

Omar Boflot’s unique Hip Hop story begins in Ghana, where the young Filippino/Egyptian formed a group with 2 Ghanese rappers, called ‘Patty Riddaz (Party Riders)’. In 1998, Boflot returned to Egypt and formed a new group, Y-Crew, with Algerian-Egyptian rapper Yassin Zahran, who also raps in French, Arabic, and English.

Boflot’s career was recently launched into the spotlight when he won the first season of MTV Arabia’s show “Hip-Hopna“. But the stardom may have gone to his head as he started dissing the other Egyptian rap groups and alienated himself from the rest of the community. Word on the street is his 15 minutes are up.

Before becoming the 1st champion on MTV Arabia’s “Hip-Hopna” and catching the attention of the entire Arab Hip Hop community, Omar Boflot was chillin in Ghana, spittin rhymes with his first group, the Patty Ridaz (Party Riders).

Then he got his big shot on MTV Arabia and took the crown back to ‘Skandria, only to lose much of the respect that went with it by throwin shots at other Egyptian rappers, including MC Amin.

Here’s the rest of his Hip-Hopna performance. You be the judge…

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