Malikah (Beirut)

Lynn Fattouh, aka MC Lix, aka Malikah, was born in Marseille, France to Lebanese and Algerian parents, and raised in Beirut under the shadow of war. Malikah first hit the Lebanese Hip Hop scene at the tender age of 16, when she was signed to EMI Arabia after winning a hip hop competition and appearing on the Lebanese television show “Zaven”. Malikah raps in Arabic, English, and French, and has honed her skills as an RnB and dance vocalist over the last 5 years. She regularly performs in Lebanon and has also performed in the US and Canada, collaborating with most of Lebanon’s top hip hop producers and rappers, as well as pop stars such as Beirut Biloma, Cheb Mami, Hasna and Aks’ser. She is featured on the upcoming debut album release of DJ/Producer Lethal Skillz called ‘New World Disorder,’ and is a member of the 961 Underground family – which includes RGB, and MC Zoog. In 2006, Malikah hooked up with her main producer, MIGHTY THOR, based out of the Bronx, NYC, officially joining the The House of Representatives [T.H.O.R.] crew. In 2007 Malikah was chosen by MTV Arabia as one of the two best emcees in Lebanon for the competition show “Hip Hopna” and has since collaborated with legendary producer FredWreck on a track that will be released on the “Hip Hopna” album. Lynn describes her persona, Malikah, as “the rough, serious hardcore Arabic woman who raps about politics, religion and social issues” and her alter-ego, MC Lix, as “the feminine sexy lady who is more commercial.”

Peep the fierceness as Malikah takes the stage on MTV Arabia’s “Hip Hopna”, her first widely-broadcast TV appearance. Nothin but swag! Reppin Loubnan hard.

Behind the scenes with Malikah, in the studio with producer FredWreck, on stage in Lebanon and France, at home with family. For years, she says, she had to hide her passion for Hip Hop. Now she’s known worldwide as one of the leading rappers, female or male, in the Middle East.

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