RGB (Beirut)

RGB grew up in a predominately-Muslim neighborhood in Beirut, in the 1980s, right in the middle of the civil war. In 1995, he linked up with friends who were rapping in English and created a crew, “Secteur B”, which would later morph into “Kitaa Beirut”, with the joining of new members 6k, Mc Stress and Mc Joker. The crew and its furious energy became well-known in the Lebanese underground scene.

After a 3-year hiatus in France, where RGB linked into the French Hip Hop scene, he returned to Beirut in 2005 and re-launched  his former group, now known as “Kita’youn (Boys of the Sector)”. In 2006, RGB recorded his first demo and, the next year, performed solo at a concert for war refugees held in Jordan. He later hooked up with the well-known turntablist and producer DJ Lethal Skillz and formed the 961 Underground family with Malika (MC Lix), 6k and MC Moe. RGB has recently completed his first solo album,”Blacklisted”, which will be released soon.


The first single, “Ya Wled Loubnan”, is a tribute to the youth of Lebanon, railing against corruption, idleness and the powerlessness of young people in the streets. The video evokes these themes in provocative imagery, with RGB himself intermittently standing and hanging from a neuce in a deconstructed space, intercut with a seemingly-possessed flute and violin player.

Very cool handheld video of RGB’s life. The crib, the roof, the kicks spot, the fam, and some dope beatboxing. A hood like any other. Nothing takes you there like digital video.

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