DJ Key (Casablanca/Agadir)

Founder of the Original Hip-Hop collective, DJ Key is one of the pioneers of the Moroccan Hip-Hop movement. For over a decade, DJ Key has been the leading Hip-Hop DJ in Morocco, turning out dozens of mixtapes, organizing concerts and workshops across the country, and bringing true Hip-Hop into the nightclubs. His unique blend of Old & New School rap and his world-class mixing skills have earned him the title of #1 DJ in Morocco, but it is his passion for Moroccan Hip-Hop that made him a central figure in the Moroccan mvoement. He has produced several hit mixtapes and regularly tours with H-Kayne and other leading Moroccan groups. He has also recently ventured into music videos, directing 2 videos from H-Kayne’s last album, and started his own production company and DJing school, called Funky Noise Entertainment.

Here, DJ Key tells the story of how he got into Hip Hop and the important role that he plays at the center of the Moroccan Hip Hop community. (in French)

If you want to hear the full story and a discussion of  DJ Key’s personal struggle between his religion and his love for Hip Hop, you’ll have to check out the film “I Love Hip Hop in Morocco“. Here’s the trailer…

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