Don Bigg (Casablanca)

A founding member of the pioneer Casablanca group, Mafia-C, MC Bigg went out on his own in 2005 and was immediately hailed as the premier Arabic-language rapper. He has since produced 2 solo albums, the soulful “Maghraba Tal Mout/Moroccan Til I Die” and the recent release “Byad wa K7al/Black & White”, blending an American R&B vibe with hard-hitting Moroccan rap. Both albums immediately topped the download charts in the Middle East and North Africa, with the last reaching the top 10 downloads on Amazon in France.

Bigg has toured extensively throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, and has collaborated with several Hip Hop icons, from producer FredWreck Nasser to Snoop Dogg.

Peep this report by the international news agency, AFP. Pardon the voiceover, respect the coverage.

I like this vid even better, just Bigg on tour with a smooth instrumental. And look at how many thousands he’s getting at his shows! I’m proud of big homey for blowin up the way he did, puttin in the work and handlin his business. Rumor has it, Bigg gets no less than 100K MAD ($15k) per show now. La bes 3lik, khouya Bigg!

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