Fnaïre (Marrakesh)

Founded in 2001 by a Moroccan breakdance champion-turned MC and producer, Mohssine Tizaf, Fnaïre has made a name for themselves and for their native city of Marrakesh by incorporating traditional Moroccan and Arabic music into their songs. Their self-produced first album, “Laftouhe”, offered a brilliant fusion of traditional sounds and melodies that defined the “traditional” Moroccan hip-hop style. Fnaïre has also produced their own music videos, which have become major Youtube sensations, such as the anti-terrorism anthem “Matkish Bledi/Don’t Touch My Country”.

The group recently completed work on their second album, “Yad El Henna”, which they are distributing themselves and touring across Europe and Morocco. They also recently signed a historic non-exclusive deal with Platinium Records in Casablanca.


Here’s the video for Fnaïre’s 2006 anti-terrorism anthem, “Matkish Bledi/Don’t Touch My Country”, which many saw as a response to recent terrorist cells popping up in Morocco, including the one that carried out the 2003 Casablanca bombing.

Fast forward to 2007 and the boys take it back to the desert, with all the folklore fixins, for “Yad El Henna/Henna Hand”. Spanish director Ivan Herrera was brought in for that hi-end film look.

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