Shadia Mansour (UK/Palestine)

Shadia Mansour has been referred to as “the First Lady of Arabic Hip Hop”. Shadia was born in the UK to Palestinian parents and started singing, in English and Arabic, at the tender age of 5, appearing on various Arabic, British, and American TV and radio shows. In her later years, Shadia ventured into rapping and singing R&B, emerging as one of the leading female Arab artists worldwide, often compared to Lauren Hill. She has been featured on tracks with DAM (Palestine), Arabian Knightz (Egypt), as well as artists from France and the UK, and has toured across the US, opening for Busta Rhymes and Mobb Deep at the legendary Palladium Club in New York.

In 2009, Shadia toured Holland on a sold-out 4 city tour with a 200-piece orchestra and a children’s choir, for a project called “Symphony Arabica”. Shadia also opened the annual Black August Benefit for Political Prisoners alongside major hip-hop legends, including Q-Tip, EPMD, and Immortal Technique, and headlined the Arab World Fest in Milwaukee. Most recently, Shadia appeared as a guest on The Narcicyst’s 2009 self-titled album, on the track “Hamdullilah“, and on Lowkey’s remake of “Long Live Palestine“.

The voice alone, here singing the hook on The Narcicyst ‘s “Hamdullilah”, would be enough to make Shadia a superstar, but add lyrics and flow… triple threat.

In this video compilation, we get a glimpse of Shadia the Hip Hopper, spittin rhymes, singin her own hooks, and reppin Palestine every chance she gets. In the interview, she talks about her goal of spreading her music worldwide to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle.

  1. Yousef
    June 26, 2010 at 8:29 am

    Long Live Palestine & Shadia. I support you 100%. Keep real Hip-Hop alive!!


  2. robert wyatt
    October 15, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    have a good gig tomorrow evening (16th?)

    Thankyou SO MUCH for your great contribution to cd Shadia .It is a magic moment…

  3. Abdul Rahim
    October 4, 2011 at 9:57 am


    Your songs are really great and inspirational….

    May Almighty Allah shower peace on the people of Palestine and give them freedom.

    Free Palsetine

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