The Narcicyst (Montreal/Iraq)

Yassin Alsalman, better known as The Narcicyst or Narcy, is a rapper, journalist and political activist of Iraqi origin, currently living in Montreal. Born in Dubai and raised in Canada, Narcy has experienced life in many different contexts and has always prided himself on questioning the powers that be, whether in his music or his writings. His musical career grew out of a collaboration with the Muslim artists collective known as the Euphrates family, of which Narcy became the lead MC. The crew gained international attention with their first two albums, “A Bend in the River” and “Stereotypes Incorporated”, but Narcy decided to go solo after the death of one of its members.

In addition to his life as a musician, Narcy also earned a graduate degree in Political Science and Media Studies, focusing on identity politics in Hip-Hop and the Arab-American experience. His thesis project, “Fear of An Arab Planet”, has since been expanded into a full book, set for release in 2010, along with a new album, “The Illuminarcy”. Narcy has shared stages with international Hip Hop icons from Talib Kweli to Dead Prez, and continues to tour, while also writing regularly about issues affecting Arabs worldwide, including mediation between Jews and Arabs.

This amazing video, directed by Narcy’s own sister, Hala, puts a comical spin on the trials of a traveling Iraqi-Canadian musician. Very bold in name, lyrics & imagery.

In a 2007 interview, Narcy talks about his early introduction to poetry and Hip Hop.

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    Hi am I Montreal rapper, I wanted to show respect for your music and movement, Please check out some of my material.

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