Alfaress (US/Morocco)

Alfaress, aka. Colonel, grew up in a poor neighborhood of Morocco’s capital, Rabat, where he was surrounded by the gap between rich and poor, powerful and powerless. He was an apt pupil of American Hip Hop, learning English through the lyrics of Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Dead Prez, et al, and eventually began writing his own rhymes in Moroccan Arabic. His first group, Capital Clan, produced several popular mixtapes and caught the attention of the leading Moroccan Hip Hop artists, including Don Bigg, who would feature Alfaress on his 2007 song, “Bledi Bled/My Country”.

Since that appearance, Alfaress has become one of the rising stars of the next generation of Moroccan Hip Hop and has relocated to the US to pursue his career on both sides of the Atlantic.

Early Alfaress video for “Zan9a/The Streets”, a story about a 12-yr old hustler living a desperate life.

Recent R&B jam “Ana Maghribi/I’m Moroccan” finds Alfaress defining his identity in a new city, Phoenix, AZ.

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