FredWreck (LA/Palestine)

Farid “FredWreck” Nassir was born in the same hometown as Michael Moore, Flynt, Michigan, where his father worked for GM. Later, his parents, who had both immigrated from the Palestinian Territories, decided to move to Los Angeles, where a young Farid discovered the blossoming Hip Hop scene there in the late 1980s. Farid began breakdancing and DJing at school parties and became a regular at the local record shop, which led to his first job as a record buyer. FredWreck, the DJ, eventually earned a spot on the local radio station and became part of what would become the world-famous “Morning Show”.

Branching out from radio, FredWreck began experimenting with producing and developed a signature style blending East Coast, West Coast, and Middle Eastern sounds. In 1995, FredWreck was hired by legendary producer Hank Shocklee as an A&R at MCA/Universal Records, where he worked with top US artists from Mary J. Blige to Al Green. However, it wasn’t until after leaving MCA in 1997 that FredWreck was truly “discovered” as a beatmaker, when his demo tape landed in the hands of Dr. Dre and he was pegged to work on the 2001 classic, “The Chronic”. After that, FredWreck produced for other West Coast superstars, including Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Xzibit. In 2007, FredWreck was hired by the newly-launched MTV Arabia network to co-host their Hip Hop competition show, called “Hip Hopna”. He also hosts another show (and mixtape series) called “Beit El Hip Hop/House of Hip Hop”, and produces for all the leading Arab Hip Hop stars, including Don Bigg, the Arabian Knightz, and DAM.

An interesting, albeit brief and clearly loaded interview with FredWreck on Fox News. Apparently, John Gibson felt the need to remind FredWreck that he was “born in America”. But Fred gets in a tongue-in-cheek “God bless America” before Gibson cuts him off again. OutFoxed again!

Here’s a fun video promo about the OG Hip Hop Diplomat, Farid “FredWreck” Nassir.

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