Timz (San Diego/Iraq)

Tommy Hana, aka Timz, grew up in San Diego to parents of Chaldean (an ancient Catholic sect) and Iraqi descent. Tommy began rapping in highschool and later attended the University of San Diego, while at the same time working on his first album, “Open For Business”, which was nominated for Best Hip Hop Album at the San Diego Music Awards. His controversial 2007 video for the song “Iraq” brought Timz even broader attention, not only from fans but from the newsmedia. Within weeks of posting the video online, it was featured on over 10,000 websites and blogs, and Timz was invited to appear on MTV, FOX News, and Al Jazeera. Since then, Timz has continued to work on new songs, including one for his hometown football team, the San Diego Chargers, but has yet to collaborate with other Iraqi Hip Hop artists or perform in his ancestral country. Maybe the recent rise of rappers in Baghdad will inspire this talented MC to reconnect with his brothers in old Mesopotamia.


The video that caught the attention of MTV, Fox News, Al Jazeera, and many others, a highly-charged appeal from an Iraqi-American to former president George W. Bush.

In a predictably loaded interview on Fox News (with Chuck Norris, of all people), Timz holds his own and asserts that Iraq was safer before the US-backed invasion.

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