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When State comes up short, Chen Lo makes it happen

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Lebanon’s Brooklyn, NYC Peeps: The Lo Frequency make good in Beirut

In late October, the Brooklyn-based live hip-hop outfit Chen Lo and the Liberation Family – known now as The Lo Frequency -came to Beirut for a two-month residency in order to establish a Hip-Hop Academy and to perform with local talent (MCs, DJs, and producers). The US embassy initiative was not exactly what they expected. Beats and Breath linked up with the Lo Frequency in Brooklyn to discuss what ultimately became a two-month blessing for the Arab hip-hop movement.

OG members of The Lo Frequency fam (L to R: BAASIK, Chen Lo, Ken White, DJ Scandales) Read more…

Chen Lo & the Liberation Family tour the Middle East/North Africa with the US State Dept. & Jazz at Lincoln Center

April 24, 2010 1 comment

Photo credit: Frank Stewart for Jazz at Lincoln Center

My peoples Chen Lo and the Liberation Family just returned from an incredible tour of the Middle East and North Africa, sponsored by the USState Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Jazz at Lincoln Center, as part of the Rhythm Road program. The 4-member Brooklyn-based Hip Hop band, composed of vocalist Chen Lo, bassist Baassik, turntablist/producer DJ Scandales, and percussionist Ken White, traveled to Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, coordinated by the local American Embassies. And, the best part is, they actually got to perform with some prominent local groups, such as NORES in Salé, Morocco; Murder Eyez in Aleppo, Syria; and DJ Lethal Skillz in Beirut, Lebanon. Kudos to the State Department and its embassies for selecting reallocal groups in each city (as opposed to unknown amateurs who just fit the part). Here’s a clip from their visit to Salé, Morocco (via the US Embassy in Rabat and Hit Radio):

More videos, photos, and personal blogging from Chen Lo and the fam at: