MC Amin (Mansoura)

Raised in the city of Mansoura, 120km north of Cairo, Amin discovered his passion for Hip Hop at a young age and began writing his own raps in Arabic after memorizing the lyrics to others’ songs, especially those of his primary influence, Tupac. Amin approaches rap from a psychological perspective (his major in college) as a means to “express true feelings to my listeners… and to understand the thoughts and needs of people of different levels in society.”

In 2004, Amin began performing in his hometown, building his fanbase and his confidence on stage. In 2006, he put out his first songs on the Internet and, by 2008, MC Amin was invited to collaborate with the leading Egyptian Hip Hop artists, Arabian Knightz, Wighit Nazar, and was featured on the acclaimed “Desert Saga” mixtape.

MC Amin continues to put out new tracks on the web but we’re really lookin out for that debut album, coming soon insh’Allah…

This is how it begins: a computer, an instrumental, a young MC… just so happens that this one was born in Egypt. The rest is universal.

Then you gotta do a Wu-style hood video, to show ’em where you come from…

And then you can do some thugged-out-militainment (remember Nore?) Arabian style. Haven’t seen a video as tough as this one yet. The New Arab League (of musicians!)

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