Danger Zone Killer (Baghdad)

One of the first rap groups out of Baghdad, Danger Zone Killer took to the stage at the National Theater last summer and made international news at the first public rap concert in Iraq. DZK’s members, Mr Passion, J-Fire, and Nine-Z, formed in 2004, shortly after the US-led invasion of Iraq, and rap in English and Arabic. Their lyrics are strongly influenced by themes of violence and war that surround them in their daily lives, as demonstrated by Mr. Passion’s sporting of a bulletproof vest at their first concert. The young MCs found that rap offered them a way to freely express their anger and frustration, as well as their hope for a better future. In the words of J-Fire, who recently returned to Iraq after living in Egypt for a number of years, ““Traditional Arab music only talks about love or patriotism. But with rap you can talk about everything — politics, youths being kidnapped, everything.”

For the members of the group and the 150 fans that showed up for their first concert, Hip Hop is one of the truly positive things that the US-led invasion brought to Iraq, although many fear that it will be targeted by Islamic fundamentalists as being a ‘Western corruption’ and their lives may be in danger for listening to or participating in it. As one fan at the concert put it, “I do what I want to do — nobody can tell me what to do.” Sounds like Hip Hop to me.

[Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending), DZK does not yet have a webpage or MySpace page. Check back soon for updates.]

No images yet but here’s a taste of Iraqi Hip Hop, the new single from DZK, “Iraq is the Flag”.

  1. July 6, 2010 at 2:33 am

    Are there any DZK fans out there who can nominate them for the Freedom to Create Prize? This US$ 125,000 Prize celebrates artists who use their talent to promote social justice, build the foundations of an open society and inspire the human spirit. There are three categories – Main, Youth and Imprisoned Artists – and entries are accepted from 1 May to 15 August. You can nominate here: http://www.freedomtocreate.com/Prize-Apply.asp
    Danger Zone Killers are an inspiration for artists around the world!

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