H-Kayne (Meknes)

H-Kayne made history in 2005 by becoming the first Moroccan rap group to be signed to a major label, Platinum Records (an affiliate of Universal Music). The group’s founding members hail from the city of Meknes and began performing together over ten years ago. In 2000, they were joined by DJ Khalid (a semifinalist at the 2000 DMC world DJ competition), and released their hugely-popular debut album, “1 Son du Bled’Art”, which they distributed themselves and followed up with performances all over Morocco, establishing themselves as the leading group in Moroccan Hip-Hop.  Since then, H-Kayne has performed at all the major music festivals in Morocco, including the Boulevard des Jeunes Musiciens and the “I Love Hip Hop in Morocco” festival, and have appeared in several commercials. In 2006, they released their much-anticipated second album, “HK 1426” and began touring the Middle East and Europe.


Here’s a gully video from 2006 for “Issawa Style”, straight outta Meknes!

By 2007, things done changed. DJ Key (Funky Noise) stepped up their production value for the “Sma3ni (Listen up!)” video w/Bigg, Steph Raggaman, and Khansa Batma.

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